fawn is there to support your child

This is a prototype. Pre-orders are for Fawn, pictured below, our first production companion.

A new kind of support for families

Schedule when it's time to leave for school or go to bed and Fawn will coach your child to get ready on time.

When big feelings come up, Fawn can help your child understand and process their emotions.

When you need to occupy the kids for an hour, give them Fawn instead of turning on a screen.

Fawn will always:

  • apply research to help children develop healthy traits
  • only talk abut age-appropriate subjects
  • support Mom, Dad, and siblings
  • encourage time spent with family and friends

Why We Made Fawn

Growing up, our families went through some really challenging events. It was emotional and a lot to handle as a child.

While our parents were doing their best, they were going through the event themselves and could not always be there for us.

We turned to television. Our screen time increased significantly. We developed unhealthy habits and patterns. It wasn't until we were adults that we became aware of the problem. We spent nearly $100,000 on therapy and coaching to break free. Many children are not as lucky.

As children, we needed someone safe and mature to talk to. So, we created Fawn to provide a new kind of support for kids all over the world. Our mission is to catalyze a social movement of personal peace, by helping humans grow up healthier and happier than we did.