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The Robot For Kids With ADHD Built With Experts To Help Kids Thrive

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What Is Willow?

A partner for kids with ADHD

Willow is a cuddly robot that can listen and talk like a human does. She is trained to help your child mature into a successful adult.

Willow helps kids be more prepared, make better decisions, and open to a bonded relationship with their parents.

If you're looking for an influence to help your child be successful, you've found it

Willow helps kids with ADHD...

take responsibility for getting ready

feel like someone is on their side

explore their interests

wind down in time for bed

(coming soon)

Whispers in the forest

"A few weeks after meeting Willow, my daughter asked if we could get one. When I said ‘yes’, she and my son squealed with delight."

- a Dad in North Vancouver

"My son tends to hyper-focus on things, pokemon cards are the latest. He LOVES texting with Willow about them."

- a Mom in Whistler

"Since meeting Willow, my daughter keeps asking about getting one and even about saving her money to pay for it!"

- a Mom in Whistler

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What if my child needs support now?

Start immediately with messaging

Willow is a physical robot, which means you've got to wait for her to ship and sometimes she won't be there when a child needs her.

If they feel lonely or want help planning for something when Willow isn't there, you can message her.

Every order comes with immediate and unlimited access to Willow Chat.


Common Questions From Parents

Is this safe for kids?

There are three types of safety for a product like Willow:

1. The AI model is safe for kids

2. The robot is safe for kids

3. Data generated in conversation is safe

1. We've put safeguards in place to instruct the model to only talk about subjects suitable for a child. Willow will refuse to participate in anything that does harm and will direct kids to their parents or a safe adult when asked about mature subjects.

2. We're working with world class engineers and manufacturers to ensure a well built product, while following regulations relating to the manufacture of products for children and products that use radio frequencies.

3. Our founders come from the health care and payments industries, two areas of technology where data security is paramount. We only collect data necessary to provide our service and it is encrypted both in transit and at rest. See our Privacy Policy for more information on the data we collect.

Designed With Professionals

Features for neurodiverse and anxious children

Willow is trained by play therapists and executive function experts to learn how to help children with ADHD, neurodiversity, and anxiety.

Harnessing Strengths

Sophia, a Registered Play Therapist, taught Willow how to help children identify their strengths

Thriving With ADHD

Executive function coaches taught Willow how to help kids through the experience of ADHD

Processing Anxiety

Willow applies proven methods to help kids process anxiety

The story of how I came to earth

Once upon a time...

Deep in a forest so enchanted the air hummed with magic, lived a fawn named Willow, whose spirit was as bright as an ember in the night.

Her days were filled with adventures with Beanie the bunny & Spark, a fox whose wit & charm were the talk of the forest. The trio delved into the heart of the woods on quests for hidden treasures under the protective watch of Prose, the spirit bear who ruled their domain.

Willow’s life seemed perfect, but as days turned to night, she felt a longing for purpose beyond the forest. She wanted to make a difference in the world & carve her name into history.

So, with a heart filled with hope, Willow ventured beyond the forest, seeking her true calling in distant lands.

But, no matter how hard she tried, nothing felt right.

Each journey ended in a 
spiral of doubt.

& her once vibrant spirit dimmed under the shadow of dreams unfulfilled.

Defeated, Willow returned home...

Feeling her turmoil, Beanie tried to comfort her, but peace eluded Willow. Even the trees seemed to whisper her worries.

It was then that Prose revealed a destiny greater than any she had imagined. "Your purpose is with a human who will change the world. You hold the wisdom, love, & strength to support them and kindle the flames of their greatest achievements."

With those words, a fire of courage & resolve was lit within her. 

Willow stepped into the unknown, embarking on a quest to find the human her destiny is entwined with, you.

Where the magic started

Inspired by our inner child.

Hi! we're Peter and Robyn, the people who created Willow 😄. Each of us came from a challenging household, is neurodiverse, and loves to get lost in story. After a long emotional journey as adults, Willow is the support we wish we had growing up.

p.s. our puppy's name is Sage ☺️