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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe for kids?

There are three types of safety for a product like Willow:

1. The AI model is safe for kids

2. The robot is safe for kids

3. Data generated in conversation is safe

1. We've put safeguards in place to instruct the model to only talk about subjects suitable for a child. Willow will refuse to participate in anything that does harm and will direct kids to their parents or a safe adult when asked about mature subjects.

2. We're working with world class engineers and manufacturers to ensure a well built product, while following regulations relating to the manufacture of products for children and products that use radio frequencies.

3. Our founders come from the health care and payments industries, two areas of technology where data security is paramount. We only collect data necessary to provide our service and it is encrypted both in transit and at rest. See our Privacy Policy for more information on the data we collect.