About Us

Peter Fitzpatrick, CEO

Peter leads product, marketing, and fundraising.  


  • Created an embedded payments product and division that will generate $6 million in revenue in 2023, growing 199% year over year and on track to double again next year.
  • Lead the development of tools and education that helped creators sell over $1 billion in digital goods over the past three years.
  • Has sold over $6 million in software and services contracts to large enterprises, including a deal with Visa to resell a SaaS product globally.

Contact: peter@fawnfriends.com

Robyn Campbell, Chief Creative Officer

Robyn leads the design of Fawn’s aesthetic and characters—it’s most defining features. She is also the creator of Sleepy Time With Fawn, our first YouTube series.  

Robyn is an award-winning screenwriter who creates characters and stories that are inclusive, diverse and encourage audiences to be themselves, even when it's difficult. These themes are reflected in her award-winning Oscar Qualifying short film, 'Pivot', which centres around a young girl's battle against the culture of patriarchy her mom has unknowingly indoctrinated. 

As a person with PTSD who lives with the daily impacts of an invisible disorder, Robyn is a vocal advocate for improving the mental health of society through education, communication and acceptance of neural divergence among people. In her spare time, Robyn is also an avid snowboarder, clay artist, and publishes poetry under the pseudonym r.w. dawn.

Contact: Robyn@fawnfriends.com


Cindey Chiang, Art Director

Cindey designs Fawn’s plushie aesthetic and series. Cindey is consulted on all aspects of design to ensure all Fawn products are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. 

  • Development Designer on the Garfield movie and both of the Angry Birds movies
  • Award winning art director of the Oscar qualified animated short PIVOT
  • Art Director on the beloved Brown and Friends series